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How to Create a Logo

Your logo is the foundation of your business physical features. It serves as the expression of the business and is the first image customers get upon introduction to your products and services. The logo must be professionally designed and represent the quality of your business. A lot goes into the design process and a lot needs to be considered when choosing how to design a logo.


Simplicity is the basic characteristic of a logo. The image itself can be any known or abstract shape but should be made as simply as possible. The colors of the logo should be bold but kept to no more than 3-4 different colors. A logo that is too intricate or colorful is distracting and detracts from the quality of the design. The logo must be able to be resized and used in any number of computer programs without reduction in the resolution of the image. It should also be as clear and legible in black and white as it is in color.

Do It Yourself

Some business owners choose to design their logo on their own. This is fine if you have the creative ability and knowledge of the traits needed in logo design. There are a huge number of online softwares available that can help in design a logo. A simple web search can lead to thousands of websites that offer logo design software, some for free. A self designed logo can be used as the official logo if it is refined enough or it can be an initial point for an expert designer.

Expert Logo Designer

Expert logo designers have experience creating original logos and knowledge of the types of logos that are used in a variety of business types. Expert logo designer can create a logo design from scratch, take a creative idea and make a logo of it or update and revise an older logo. The charges for their services vary with the type of logo, the time it takes to create the logo and any extra services the business owner desires.


Logo Design